OH&S Magazines

Here are some interesting magazines that caught my attention. Some are free, some aren’t. Simply click on the picture and it will redirect you to the owner website.

OHS Canada This magazine is a reference throughout Canada. Even if you’re working elsewhere, the articles promoted in this magazine can related to everyone. It’s free and it’s made by professionnals. When they talk about a specific law, make sure to verify if the law is the same in your country.
Convergence The only issue with the magazine is that there is only a French version. It is published 3 times a years always with relevant topics. If you like an article, simply translate it on google in your own language. The magazine is free and would deserved a better viewership.
Safety Reporter Here is another great Canadian magazine. It is published 12 times a year but you’ll need a 89$/ yearly subscription in order to have acces to it.It is not only a national journal for occupational health and safety managersbut also for human resources professionals.
Safety Management Magazine Safety Management magazine is for everyone with health and safety responsibilities who needs to stay informed about the latest news, legislation and best practice in the field. Since it’s British, they will cover issues mostly related to Great Britain. A subscription is required to have access to the magazine and it cost 60 pounds/ year.
Safety Reporter This is a an Australian OH&S magazine. It seems very professionnals but you’ll have to pay to have access to it. Work Health and Safety practitioners live in a world of rapidly changing legislation, regulation and multiplying risks. NSCA Foundation’s National Safety magazine, published 4 times a year, keeps you up to date with the latest developments in WHS.